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List properties on multiple real estate portals world wide

List properties on multiple real estate portals world wide

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Orlando real estate market is an exciting new development area where most people are finding new options to invest and make money with decreased property prices. Internet is the most widely available resource of information where any one can search for excellent options which make investing fun and simple. The information on how to purchase and sell a property is displayed on these websites and this helps the new investor understand and invest easily.
From residential to commercial property, all are available easily at surprisingly low prices and these enable the buyers to make great purchase where the property can be further rented to make money out of it. Some investors who are purchasing property are also finding it really beneficial to sell after making some profit. Usually in this, the buyer renovates the property and sells it at a higher price by rectifying all damages to the property. It is recommended to inspect the property before purchasing as the same could have serious problems and may be bought at a lower price also.
For all real estate needs, you can contact the estate agent who specializes in these matters.

There are three types of real estate agencies available here.


The real estate law in Florida makes opinion of non-representation. Unless you engage a licensed agent to represent you there is no relationship between the licensee and you.

Transaction Broker

The Transaction Broker role was created by the Real Estate Law in 1997. They represent a limited buyer or seller or in some case both in a single real estate transaction. They cannot represent the buyer or seller in a fiduciary capability. Some chose to represent buyers as they limit their responsibility. A broker can collect both sides of commissions by just changing their name as a form of dual agency

Single Agent or Buyer’s Agent

This is the purest form of representing the buyers. Single agents have full rights and duties in dealing with sincerity and reasonably, faithfulness, privacy, obedience, full disclosure and accounting for all funds. They are the only form of agency that creates a client level relationship between the buyer and real estate agent. They represent the buyer only as a single agent, acting as a consultant, advisors and negotiators for the buyer client and not as a salesperson. The expertise and the market allow providing exceptional, client level services protecting the financial interests and personal needs of the buyer. The sound professional advice helps make the intelligent decision that increases the opportunities. is part of the Real Estate Portals of that form the IREA-AII International-Real-Estate-Alliance -
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